Evidence of Humans Recycling During The Upper Paleolithic Age

I am sharing this article given to me by undercoverPopular!  It explains that archeological evidence has been found of humans “recycling”  during the Upper Paleolithic Age!  This is an old post by phys.org, but a good read!

I think this would be more of the first evidence of humans up cycling.  This article is referring to the “Macgyveresque” use of broken or damaged tools!  If it broke or was no longer useful for it’s original purpose, they adapted it for another use!  Pretty cool!  We have been doing this for millions of years!

As a society we need to become less wasteful, more creative and less dependent on luxury items!  Enough preaching-right?  Take a look, it’s quite interesting!

Humans were already recycling 13,000 years ago

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