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What Will They Think In 13,000 Years?

Do you think someone 13,000 years from now will look back at this and say, “huh, Groovy Garbage was up cycling way back then”?

Upcycled Recycled / Inner tube / Black / Rubber / Cross Body / Satchel

New Listings! More To Come!

Check out these new listings in the Groovy Garbage shop!  A shout out the Will and the rest of the staff at Costco Connections for the great article!

Upcycled / Recycled / Necklace / Silver / Black / Inner Tube / Salvaged BeadsUpcycled / Recycled / Necklace / Amber Colored / Black / Iner Tube / Salvaged BeadsUpcycled Recycled / Inner Tube / Salvaged Aqua Beads

Richie & Jane