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Brand New Listings

The past couple of weeks have been quite a blur!  All I can say is that “What goes around DEFINITELY comes around!  What has happened in the past two weeks is a whole different post!  Anyway, we were not able to attend the Conway Equinox Festival this weekend.  We have new online offerings that were made specifically for the event.  Some have been listed and some have not! Keep an eye out for new stuff!

Click on the pics below to check out some of our new listings!  Keep an eye out-there are new things in the works!  There are tons!

Where would YOU like to see/have Groovy Garbage for Earth Day?  We have not made definitive plans!  Any suggestions?  Let us know!  Spread the word and pass along the Green Gospel!


Upcycled Recycled / Inner Tube / Black / Red / Coral /  Silver / Rubber / Earrings

Upcycled / Recycled / Glass / Resin / Gold Leaf / Blue / Green /  Pendant / Silver Bail

Upcycled / Recycled / Necklace / Silver / Black / Inner Tube / Salvaged Beads

What Will They Think In 13,000 Years?

Do you think someone 13,000 years from now will look back at this and say, “huh, Groovy Garbage was up cycling way back then”?

Upcycled Recycled / Inner tube / Black / Rubber / Cross Body / Satchel

New Listings! More To Come!

Check out these new listings in the Groovy Garbage shop!  A shout out the Will and the rest of the staff at Costco Connections for the great article!

Upcycled / Recycled / Necklace / Silver / Black / Inner Tube / Salvaged BeadsUpcycled / Recycled / Necklace / Amber Colored / Black / Iner Tube / Salvaged BeadsUpcycled Recycled / Inner Tube / Salvaged Aqua Beads

Richie & Jane

An Inbox or “Convo” on Etsy

This is a Groovy Garbage convo.  Etsy!  I am Truly inspired by this!

” just picked up my mail, and normally I throw the CostCo magazines in the recycle bin, but the cover caught my eye. I read the spotlight profiles and noticed that GroovyGarbage was on Etsy. I couldn’t contain my curiosity, so I checked it out and here you are. I’m amazed. I found Etsy by accident last October and decided to join.
My world has been greatly expanded to what Crafting really means. Like the article, I thought homemade crafts meant quilts and knitted gloves. I had no idea that people are pushing the limits of creativity to make anything out of everything! My sincerest congrats!!! to you for the courage learn something new, and put your ingenuity on show for everyone to see. I would like to open my own shop, but health problems and a big tablespoon of fear/procrastination are making it a bit troubling.

All that being said, your work has not gone unnoticed, and hopefully others read your profile and will find themselves knocking on your shop door.

Best of the best!”

Many Thanks to all of you!



These curtains are made from recycled billboard material. They act almost as “black out curtain” because of the grey backing. Each curtain is different because of the variations in the billboards. They measure 20 x 50 feet and only small portions are used because of the size. Contact for more information and pricing.



check out eco friendly one of a kind items

STILL AVAILABLE  $60.00 includes US shipping  Check out the new woven bicycle inner tube and re purposed garden faucet wall mount coat rack.  contact for more info.